Contemporary Geometry and Related Topics

  Belgrade, June 26 – July 2, 2005.






Second Announcement



This is the second meeting of similar type, after the first one, which took place in 2002.  The 2002' meeting was a restitution of this scientific activity which had started in 1988.  The main topics of it are contemporary geometry and its applications. 


Scientific Committee: N. Bokan (Serbia and Montenegro), M. Djoric (Serbia and Montenegro), A. T. Fomenko (Russia), Z. Rakic (Serbia and Montenegro), A. I. Shafarevich (Russia), S. Vukmirovic (Serbia and Montenegro), B. Wegner (Germany) and J. Wess (Germany).


Organizing Committee: M. Antic, N. Bokan, M. Djoric, Z. Rakic, Z. Stanic and S. Vukmirovic.



  • Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection,
  • Ministry of Education and Sport of Republic of Serbia,
  • Montavia,
  • Beogradska berza,
  • CET,
  • Microsoft,
  • Sinex Beograd,
  • Studio Plus
  • LHB Bank ekspozitura Smederevo,
  • Univerzal Banka,
  • Privredna komora Srbije,
  • Total design,
  • Faculty of Mathematics,
  • Mathematical Institute of SANU,
  • Fondacija Hemofarm,
  • Project Geometry, Education, Visualization and Applications  MM1646.


Topics of the Conference: Differential Geometry, Topology, Lie Groups, Mathematical Physics, Discrete Geometry, Integrable Systems, Visualization, etc.


Scientific Program: The scientific program will start on Monday, June 27, 2005 morning and it consists of


·                 Invited lectures (45 min)


·                 Invited lectures (30 min)


·                 Short communications (15 min)


·                 Poster section


All lectures and communications will be on a walking distance from the hotel Royal (where most of the participants will be situated)


Presentation of lectures: The official language is English. Participants may use overhead projector, video beam, PC and blackboard.


Invited speakers:


·       V. Balaschchenko:  Invariant structures in the generalized Hermitian geometry


·       A. Bejancu: On Differential Geometry of Foliations


·       D. E.  Blair: Catenoids: A look at conformal flatness


·       B. Dragovich: Some Aspects of  Noncommutativity on Real, p-Adic and Adelic Spaces


·       M. Fernández:  Formality of k-connected compact manifolds


·       F. Gavarini: A quantum duality principle for coisotropic subgroups and Poisson quotients


·       G. Hall: Curvature Structure and General Relativity


·       B. Jovanovic: Riemannian, Sub-Riemannian and Magnetic Geodesic Flows on

                              Homogeneous Spaces


·       V. Karassiov: Geometric and related methods in quantum optics: foundations and new


·       D. Kotschick: the title will  be announced later



·       H. Li: the title will  be announced later


·       E. Malkowsky: Visualisation and Animations of Neighbourhoods in Certain Weak Topologies


·       S. Marchiafava: Complex submanifolds of quaternionic Kaehler manifolds


·       D. Milinkovic: Hofer's geometry for Lagrangian submanifolds


·       D. Millionschikov: Invariant geometric structures on filiform nilmanifolds


·       V. Miquel: A survey on mean curvature for submanifolds of normed spaces


·       G. Nosovskij: Stability Estimation of Projective Mapping in Multi-Vision Problem

·       M. Okumura: Second fundamental form and almost contact stuctre of a CR submanifold of

                              maximal CR dimension of a complex projective space


·       A. Oshemkov: The topology of some new integrable Hamiltonian systems on Lie algebras


·       K. Polthier: the title will  be announced later


·       Th. Popelenesky: the title will  be announced later


·       D. Repovs: Homogeneous spaces in the DIFF, LIP and TOP categories


·       L. Tamassy: Metric spaces, which yield  Finsler spaces


·       S. Terzic: On topological non-invariance of Chern numbers


·       S. Trapani: Monge Ampere equation on strictly convex domainssolutions with singularity at

                           the boundary


·       K. Trencevski: Breaking of the strong equivalence principle


·       L. Vrancken: CR-Submanifolds of $S^6(1)$ with 1-dimensional nullity


·       J. Wess: the title will  be announced later


Preliminary schedule: Preliminary schedule will be available on June 20 at the website: http://www.matf.bg.ac.yu/~geom_workshop.


Sections: Up to now we do not plan sections. Since we are still receiving applications, it might be possible to have parallel section during afternoons.


Satellite exhibitions: During the Workshop there will be an exhibition of computer graphics and mathematics related art, done by participants and presentation of animation and visualization of mathematical objects. Participants who are interested in taking part in these activities are welcome and encouraged to contact S.Vukmirovic (vsrdjan@matf.bg.ac.yu).


Proceedings: We plan to publish the Proceedings. The Proceedings of the previous meeting is published by World Scientific and it is available at:  http://www.worldscibooks.com/mathematics/5322.html


Accommodation and nourishment: All participants will be accommodated mainly in double rooms of the hotel Royal and very limited number in single rooms. Exceptionally, few participants will be accommodated in the student hostel Studentski grad, Novi Beograd (well connected by public transport). There is a possibility to organize lunch (5-7 Euro). More details will be available during the registration.


Payment: The payment is possible by using major credit  cards (Visa, Mastercard, …) or in cash, during the Workshop. Complete instructions will be given upon arrival. 




·       Airplane: Belgrade has only one airport Surchin 20km far from the hotel Royal, and 16km from the hotel Jugoslavija. There is a bus connection from the airport to the center of the city (near the hotel Slavija), it costs 120 dinars (1 EURO = 81.7 dinars), operating hourly, from 5-21 h. From bus stop, near the hotel Slavija, you can find the station (bus No 31, 33 and trolleybus No 19, 21, 22, 29 to Studentski trg, near the hotel Royal). One way ticket costs 20 or 30 dinars. Regular price of taxi from the airport to the centre of the city is approximately 10 EURO. There is a possibility of  organized transport from the airport. More details will be given in the third announcement.


·       Train: Belgrade has several railway stations. The main railway station is located in Karadjor-djeva street and you can reach the hotel Royal by train No 2 and 13 (the direction Kalemegdan).


·       Bus: Belgrade has one bus station, near the main railway station.



Please, let us know about your exact date and time of arrival, as soon as possible!


Useful information:  Usually the weather conditions at the end of June are very hot and dry. The temperature is not less then 25. We suggest to look for more precise 10-day weather forecast at:  http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/extended/YIXX0005


More informations about Belgrade (of all kinds: history, tourism, map, transport, weather, ... ) are available at: http://www.beograd.org.yu/english/


Visas: All details you can found at the official site of our ministry of foreign affairs, http://www.mfa.gov.yu/Visas/VisasR.htm


Social activities: You will be informed about all details upon arrival in Belgrade.


Registration: Registration desk will be located in the hotel Royal, near the reception on June 26, 2005 from 16h – 21h. It will also be possible during the coffee and lunch breaks.


Contact person: Miroslava Antic (geom_workshop@matf.bg.ac.yu).




Faculty of Mathemematics


University of Belgrade


Studentski trg 16, PP 550


11001 Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro


Tel:  + 381 11 630 151


         + 381 11 639 954

Fax:  +381 11 630 151


Web: http://www.matf.bg.ac.yu/~geom_workshop


If you need any help, at any time, feel free to contact some of the organizers:

Zoran Rakic: +381 64 1946744  (from Belgrade you dial 064 1946744)

Srdjan Vukmirovic: +381 63 7005812

Zoran Stanic: +381 64 2756314

Miroslava Antic: +381 64 2395561